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Royal Narrative Chobi Rug: Handwoven Afghani Artistry with Vivid Animal Motifs 1.19 x 0.83 (cm)

Royal Narrative Chobi Rug: Handwoven Afghani Artistry with Vivid Animal Motifs 1.19 x 0.83 (cm)

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Size(cm):  1.19  x 0.83

Origion: Afghanistan

Material: Pure Wool

Experience the grandeur of ancient tales brought to life with our Chobi Handmade Rug, intricately adorned with stunning depictions of animals, valiant soldiers, and kings mounted on majestic steeds.

Handcrafted in the heart of Afghanistan, this rug is a testament to the timeless skills passed down through generations, combining age-old weaving techniques with a rich palette of colors. Each motif, from the poised animals to the detailed illustrations of warriors, paints a vibrant picture of historical battles and regal parades. Highly sought-after on Shopify for its 'handmade', 'historical', 'Afghani', and 'vivid motif' tags, this rug is not just a floor covering but a piece of art that narrates tales of valor and royalty.

A perfect blend of form and function, it promises to be a conversation starter, adding depth, history, and a touch of luxury to your living space. No other rug can bring the same level of sophistication to a space like this one. Boasting vibrant colors and complex detail, the Chobi Handmade Rug is sure to enliven and elevate any room.

It's a luxurious yet functional addition to your home, crafted with the utmost care to last for years to come.


Photographs carefully taken under controlled lighting conditions are meant to show the real colors as accurately as possible. But sometimes, the colors might look a little different. Please feel free to reach out if you require additional images on demand.

Our rugs undergo professional cleaning.

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