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Exquisite Handwoven Soumak Kilim with Rich Ethnic Patterns 1.96 x 1.28 (cm)

Exquisite Handwoven Soumak Kilim with Rich Ethnic Patterns 1.96 x 1.28 (cm)

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Size(cm): 1.96 x 1.28

Origion: Caucasus Region

Material: Pure Wool

Dive into the depths of cultural artistry with this exquisite handwoven Soumak Kilim. Rooted in the ancient weaving traditions of the Caucasus region, this Kilim presents a beautiful fusion of timeless ethnic patterns and contemporary craftsmanship. Its balanced palette of earthy tones and contrasting patterns invites warmth, harmony, and storytelling into any space. The intricate border design, coupled with the captivating central motif, is a testament to the meticulous handiwork and dedication of skilled artisans. Crafted using the traditional Soumak weave technique, this Kilim boasts not just aesthetic charm but also durability. Whether draped as a centerpiece or laid in an intimate corner, this rug is bound to be a magnet for compliments and curiosity. Enrich your living space with a piece that whispers tales of old while fitting seamlessly into modern interiors.

Photographs carefully taken under controlled lighting conditions are meant to show the real colors as accurately as possible. But sometimes, the colors might look a little different. Please feel free to reach out if you require additional images on demand.

Our rugs undergo professional cleaning.

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