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Chobi Handwoven Rug - An Artful Array of Intricate Design 1.45 x 0.78 (cm)

Chobi Handwoven Rug - An Artful Array of Intricate Design 1.45 x 0.78 (cm)

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Size(cm): 1.45 x 0.78

Origion: Afghanistan

Material: Pure Wool

Experience the elegance of artistry with our Chobi Handmade Rug, a true testament to timeless craftsmanship. Each inch of this rug is adorned with meticulous animal motifs, capturing the essence and vitality of nature in the most poetic way.

Displaying a harmonious blend of colors, it narrates tales from ancient traditions, each animal motif weaving its own unique story. Handcrafted by skilled artisans from Afghanistan, every fiber speaks of the heritage, passion, and dedication poured into its making.

This rug's design not only resonates with the art connoisseur but also the lover of nature, making it a versatile choice for any décor. Bringing this rug into your space isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a journey into a world of tales, tradition, and timeless beauty. It's a piece of art that stands out, inviting you to explore its delicate details. With intricate patterns and hues, it takes you back to ancient days, where tales of nature came to life in the most vivid way.

The craftsmanship of this rug is carefully crafted by artisans with decades of experience, ensuring a superior quality that lasts. An excellent addition to any home, it's the perfect way to give your home a touch of timeless elegance.

Photographs carefully taken under controlled lighting conditions are meant to show the real colors as accurately as possible. But sometimes, the colors might look a little different. Please feel free to reach out if you require additional images on demand.

Our rugs undergo professional cleaning.

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