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Anatolian Vintage Kilim - Traditional Scorpion Motif 241 X 114 (cm)

Anatolian Vintage Kilim - Traditional Scorpion Motif 241 X 114 (cm)

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Size(cm): 241 X 114

Origion: Turkey

Age: Mid to Early 20th Century

Material: Pure Wool

Step into a timeless narrative with our Vintage Anatolian Kilim, artfully crafted in the mid to early 20th century. Its traditional Turkish scorpion motifs, not just decorative embellishments, echo a profound cultural resonance, capturing the very essence of Anatolian heritage. Remarkably preserved in mint condition, this kilim stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and tradition. As interiors gravitate towards blending past legacies with modern elegance, this kilim fits effortlessly, enhancing both bohemian chic and rustic retreats. Elevate your space with a piece that intertwines history, art, and unparalleled beauty.

Photographs carefully taken under controlled lighting conditions are meant to show the real colors as accurately as possible. But sometimes, the colors might look a little different. Please feel free to reach out if you require additional images on demand.

Our rugs undergo professional cleaning.

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